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When I first picked up a camera, I wanted to capture the world the way I saw it. Then when my first baby came along, I saw it through another set of eyes. 

My heart opened in ways I can't put into words. But I knew the celebration of LIFE was something I wanted to capture and something I also wanted to give. 

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Alijah, Ezekiel

I am and will always be a midwest girl at heart raised in Southern Illinois now living in Chicago! But South Florida is where I called home for 20 years. The amazing palms and the ocean give me life and soaring through the clouds is my happy place. I visit regularly and my clients have become my family. But what makes Florida extra special...... It's where I married the love of my life, bought my first home and started my family.  

Jesus & my family are at the heart of everything I do. I was blessed to marry my college sweet heart. We both went to the University of Central Florida in Orlando and we actually met through sports. He played football and I ran track & field. We exchanged numbers through business cards and next thing you know we were best friends. 

Here we are about to celebrate 20 years of marriage together and I am humbled by our journey. While life has thrown a lot at us, we have learned to cling tightly to our faith and each other through the hard parts and celebrate the best of them. We are all about game nights, Karaoke, and aren't above binging all the streaming channels! lol

But I would have to say that traveling and laughing with our two sweet little boys Alijah (12) & Ezekiel (9) is our favorite.

Baby Tito

Our Philosophy

every season has its' story & it is always worth telling.  

When people ask me what my favorite part is about being a photographer? I always go back to this- Celebrating LIFE + Your STORY. This season of life, these moments... they will always be worth capturing.

After my husband, Tito and I were married our first son, baby Tito, was born a couple years later. It was in that moment our hearts grew in ways I can't even put into words.

When it comes to photography, every waking moment of his life was captured and my love for photography grew with those sweet and sparkly chocolate brown eyes, each dimpled smile, and his cute little giggle.

But at 2 and a half years old he took his last breath and it was in that moment that we lost a huge piece of our hearts and our world would forever be changed.

Those next few months to a year were a blur as I waded through a sea of grief for what seemed like an eternity longer. But the one thing I could hold...the one tangible thing I was able to cling to were the pictures that I captured of him.

From his first breath to his last. 

It was in this time that I realized what the true value of a photograph was and how incredibly grateful I was to have so many of those imperfectly perfect moments.  They are hands down my most valued treasure on this earth alongside my family. 

I know this is a hard why to read. Believe me, it's a hard why to share. But it's my truth & my testimony. Those photographs are the way we get to share and celebrate his beautiful life with his little brothers and the reason my passion for what I do will never cease. 

Photography is the sweetest gift & I choose to celebrate his life every single time I am blessed to capture yours. 

My Story. My Why.