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Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union Wedding

As I was sitting down for dinner during a wine tasting in China, a song came over the speakers, “You and I” by John Legend, and I was taken back to 2 years before. I ran over to their table immediately to see if they had noticed…and we all smiled as Gabrielle shared their story. It was a moment of nostalgia.
Dwyane WadeGabrielle Union had one of the most beautiful celebrations of love I have ever been to, let alone captured. The stunning Chateau Artisan hosted the incredible event, and every intricate detail was well thought out, so intimate…from the colors to the performances, to the favors, everything had a meaning.

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union Wedding

In typical Miami fashion… it’s August, so you already know the day was hot, but you wouldn’t have noticed because everyones expressions were so full of excitement. As everyone took their seats, their kids began the walk down the extended bridge toward the ruins to await the stunning bride. They laughed and danced. Their joy was absolutely contagious. This was one of my favorite moments. Watching her come down the steps, as John Legend began to sing, “You and I”. She was radiant. As she reached the bottom she kissed each one of their sons. It was such a precious moment to witness. They lifted up the train of her dress and escorted her back to their father whose expression was just filled with admiration and joy. The sun was setting just behind them and everything seemed to glow.

The ceremony was officiated by their dear friends Essence Atkins and Jaime Mendez who led with just the perfect amount of humor and grace. As their closest family and friends gave them away, their were a ton of tears, a lot of laughs, but above all love…that’s what you could feel as it swept over every person in attendance.

It was an incredible blessing and honor to be the Director of Photography for this amazing wedding celebration and it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.


The night ended with candles and wishes and a lot of dancing! I’m so grateful to have been a witness to the beginning of this chapter in their lives and look forward to seeing what is in store for the next part of their journey.

May this continue to be an everlasting love. Happy Anniversary Dwyane & Gab!

With much love and gratitude. Xo

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union Wedding



  1. This location is seriously ALLLL the goals & these photographs totally capture their love, you can see it in their expressions & their relaxed posture. Wonderful job!

  2. Benjamin James says:

    DUDE! Im excited for you AND jealous of you (as a basketball fan, especially since Wade signed with the Bulls in the offseason)

  3. Li says:

    Erica, it is beautiful to see God’s gifting in you. Keep investing His talents. The best is yet to come…as we keep our hope in Him. CONGRATULATIONS Chica!

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