Hamilton Family | Downtown Chattanooga Family Photography


Every year I look forward to starting off the Fall season in the beautiful city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. One of my favorite reasons to visit Chattanooga includes this incredible family! Not only are they my family and amazing hosts, but they are also some of my biggest supporters and go out of their way to take care of me while I am in town and show me an amazing time.

I’ve been photographing little Nyah and Noah since they were babies, so being able to watch and capture them every year has been really special. This year we decided to head downtown to Coolidge Park. With views of the Walnut street bridge, the Tennessee River, the Hunter Museum, there was endless sights to enjoy.
downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1364downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1363downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1365 Nyah is such a special little girl. We’ve played dress up since she was little and this time she opted to throw on this cute little vest over her dress. Love seeing her style! 😉downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1366 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1367 The views from the Hunter Museum are just incredible! downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1368downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1369 His cute little face pressed up against the glass just melted my heart. I just love his sweet demeanor.
downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1370 The reflections, the glass bridge, and these smiles. It doesn’t get any better!downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1371 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1372 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1373 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1375 All the feels right here!!downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1376 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1377 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1378 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1380 “My heart will be your shelter, my arms will be your home.” – Unknown
downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1381 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1382 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1383 downtown-chattanooga-family-photography_1384


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