Wallin Family | Lookout Mountain Chattanooga


When the Wallin kids stepped out of the car, I couldn’t believe how big and tall they were!  It had been a few years since I last had the opportunity to work with Erin, Bart and their beautiful family. Belle and Brie were as beautiful as ever… and so tall! Sellick stepped out of the car and immediately ran over to my aunt (who was assisting me for the day) and gave her a huge hug! Turns out, he’s a huge Vols fan and she was dawning the perfect sweatshirt this morning that won over his little heart! (Mental notes for next time. ;-))

Last time we photographed their family it was on the McCallie campus, which is gorgeous. We were so excited to change it up this year and head out to one of my favorite locations here in Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain. The views here are incredible, so the hike down began and this is how our morning started!
lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1411lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1412 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1413 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1414 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1415 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1416 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1417 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1418 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1419 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1421 Sellick decided that the situation called for a dance party. So he dazzled the family with a few moves and I was smitten! lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1420 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1422 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1423 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1424 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1425 When the party don’t stop! 😉 Family time at its finest. No shortage of love and fun here.
lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1426 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1427 Love + Adventure
lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1428 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1429 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1430He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecc. 3:11
lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1431So many sweet moments…and then this happened.lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1432The look on your family’s face when your about to jump as high as you can on the edge of a mountain. I can’t even lie, MY heart was beating really fast!lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1433Epic.lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1434 We had a blast up in those mountains. But my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy when I received an email from Erin after she received her gallery. I mean the tears that started pouring down from reading her story once again reminded me the best part about being a photographer.  She so graciously has allowed me to share her sweet words and story with you.
lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1435 “….I have to comment on that one picture of Belle on top of the rock in the middle of a delightful laugh! That picture has me emotional. She was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at age 5. We were told her kind was so aggressive that she would live with it forever, but we all prayed together every night, and believed God for a miracle through weekly shots and several surgeries. She was cleared by the doctors this year. No more medicine, and no pain. We give God all the glory. And that picture of her is so amazingly victorious.”
lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1436“I’m going to hang it in our home, because it’s the perfect encapsulation of this year and God’s goodness. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate what you’ve done.”  lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1439I serve an incredible God who reminds me of His goodness and grace in moments like these and in stories like Belle’s.
lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1440 lookout-mountain-chattanooga_1441 Thank you guys for a morning filled with so much fun and a ton of laughs! I cannot wait to see what more goodness is in store for this next season!



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