Shivani + Andrew | Miami Beach Hindu-Catholic-Wedding


Every wedding is unique in its own way, but there is something really special about witnessing two beautiful families from two different cultures coming together. Currently residing in Minnesota, both Shivani & Andrew with their closest family & friends travelled down to Miami’s South Beach earlier in the week to begin the festivities. Before we begin, however, I have to mention how we met!

I met Shivani through a mutual & dear friend (who not to mention is also an incredible photographer and mentor), Isaac Baldizon. When we arrived for our first meeting he introduced us and we connected instantly. I’m pretty sure the first hour was spent just trading stories and laughing!

Unfortunately, Shivani was sitting down the entire time with a walker beside her because she had recently broken her ankle! It was a month before the wedding and needless to say she was nervous but hopeful that she’d be able to walk down the aisle.

We started the day at South Beach’s W Hotel here in Miami.

When we walked into the bridal room, just as on most wedding days, it was bustling with excitement. Shivani is the type of person that immediately lights up a room when she walks in, and this day was no exception, however, I was the first person to walk in as she greeted me with a warm smile, huge hug and best of all…no walker in sight! She wanted to get her wedding dress from bridal boutique chicago but they didn’t have her size, she still looked stunning though!


Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0729 She wasn’t able to dawn the heels quite yet, but she had the next best thing! Ya’ know you’ve met your newest bride bestie when she rocks out a gold pair of Nike’s!
Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0731 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0600 Miami Destination Wedding Photographer_0597 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0601
The LOVE this family shared could be felt. I wish I could share so many moments captured, but we’d be here for quite a while! Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0604 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0605

Shivani may have had her stunning Badgley Mischka wedding gown and fabulous gold Nike’s, but her groom, Andrew was styling in his own right with his custom blue wedding tuxedo. The details on this tux were amazing and his welcoming smile and kind demeanor made him stand out all the more!
Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0607 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0609 We arrived at St. Hugh’s Catholic Church for the Catholic Ceremony. Family and friends had already filled the pews and the incredible stained glass was the perfect backdrop for what was to be a beautiful ceremony.
Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0614 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0616 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0618 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0621 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0627 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0629 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0636 Miami Catholic Wedding Photographer_0638Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0727 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0639 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0643 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0644 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0645 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0646 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0648 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0650Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0668

Now preparations for the Hindu Ceremony were ready to begin! There were so many intricate details around the room that made capturing these getting ready moments so precious and intimate.

Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0657 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0658 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0652 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0655 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0656 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0660 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0659 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0664 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0665 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0666 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0732 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0733Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0667Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0671 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0673 Miami Hindu Wedding Photographer_0674The music & laughter could be heard as the groom began his grand entrance. We had no idea what was going to be in store, but one thing was for sure…it was going to be a night to remember!Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0681 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0682 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0672 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0675 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0677 Miami Hindu Wedding Photographer_0678 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0684 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0685 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0686 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0688 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0691 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0690 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0694Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0692 They exchanged these incredible flower garlands and next thing we know, the heavens opened up and blessings came pouring down! Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0695Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0696 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0698 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0699 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0703 Miami Hindu Wedding Photographer_0704 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0706 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0707 Miami Hindu Wedding Photographer_0701Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0734Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0711

It didn’t matter how hard the rain came down, the smiles remained and the celebration continued on into the night.
Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0713 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0716 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0717 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0718 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0721 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0725 Miami-Beach-Hindu-catholic-wedding_0726

It was truly an honor to be a part of this union so deeply rooted in faith.

Thank you Shivani & Andrew for trusting us to capture this incredible chapter of your story! I cannot wait to see what’s in store for you both!



Vendor Love:

Photographers: Issac Baldizon | Erica Melissa

Our Amazing Photography Assistants: Oscar Baldizon, Claudia Rios & Maria Cordova

Venues: Catholic Ceremony – St. Hugh Catholic Church, Coconut Grove, Fl

Hindu Ceremony – W South Beach, Miami Beach, Fl

Wedding Gown | Designer: La Vie En Blanc | Badgley Mischka

Grooms Tux | Designer: King Brothers Clothiers , Minneapolis, MN | Custom design

Make up Artist: Make up by Nicky | Nicole Sanchez

Florist: Natinel Flower Designs

Cake Artist: Edda’s Cake Designs

DJ: DJ Troubles

Mandap (Hindu Ceremony): Anand Event Services

  1. Those gold Nikes are EVERYTHING!! Stunning wedding and #rainisgoodluck!! Great job Erica!

  2. Annie says:

    So beautiful! I love how you captured those veil shots — those are always some of my favorite.

  3. LeVar Milan says:

    Lovely all the way around and great attention to detail of those cultural traditions timelessly captured alongside the beautiful bride and handsome groom! #BestWishes4Life

  4. LeVar Milan says:

    Plus, those Nike’s were KILLER!!!! #JustDoIt????

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