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Thalatta Estate Miami Wedding Vintage Chic Elegance

Thalatta Estate Miami Wedding Vintage Chic Elegance

When I first found out that Jackie & Danny’s favorite thing to do is grab an Oreo McFlurry (with extra Oreos) and Netflix it up (despite perhaps falling asleep before making through..sooo me), nevertheless, I just knew they were my kind of people! But one thing they said also really stuck with  me. They said as important as their wedding day is to them because it will bind them together, more importantly they are excited to build a life together. Nothing was more evident on this day. Despite the morning starting off in a down pour..there was a beautiful mix of excitement and a warmth felt all around.

I want to share their proposal story as shared by Jackie here because:  1. Who doesn’t love a sweet proposal?!  2. It brings us full circle to this day!

After finishing veterinary school, Danny and I had plans to vacation in Mallorca, Spain where his family lives. We spent our time eating amazing food, drinking pitchers of sangria, enjoying the beautiful coasts, immersing ourselves in local culture and most importantly spending quality time with his family. The island of Mallorca has so many beautiful small towns. On our first trip to Mallorca 2 years prior I fell in love with a province called Valdemossa. The city has beautiful stone roads and brick buildings with beautiful greenery and flowers growing on the walls. Each street has so much character. I was really looking forward to visiting Valdemossa on this trip and was excited when Danny had mentioned that we would be having dinner at a beautiful restaurant with a private balcony overlooking the mountainside. However, on the day of our engagement the weather was horrible.

It was raining, windy and all of the roads were slick. We made our way up the winding roads to the restaurant where they informed us that they had closed the balcony due to weather and cancelled our reservation. They were apologetic and did not want to accommodate us. However, after much complaining and waiting, we were able to get a seat (not on the balcony). Although the night was not going as planned, the dinner was amazing. After dinner Danny and I walked hand in hand down the streets of Valdemossa. It was then that he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Despite the weather and cancelled reservations, it was a perfect moment because I was going to be his wife.

• Dad’s First Look•
Thalatta Estate Miami Wedding Vintage Chic Elegance Thalatta Estate Miami Wedding Vintage Chic Elegance

Jackie & Danny I am beyond excited for you guys and this next adventure! Thank you for allowing me to join in on this chapter and I have no doubt we’ll be celebrating more to come!




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