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Elegant Vizcaya Museum Engagement Session - Miami Florida Photoshoot

Elegant Vizcaya Museum Engagement Session – Miami Florida Photoshoot

He was once voted Brickell Magazine’s “Best dressed People in Miami” and she was a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader when they first met at church a few years back and were inseparable from then on! I remember the first time I had the opportunity to meet these two. My dear friend Monique, of Only One Mark Inc. introduced me to her sister, Krystal. She had just graduated from Florida International University and wanted to celebrate with a graduation shoot! Danny was right beside her helping with her sweet puppy and her bags! Cue the “Awwwww”, yes, the sweetness was real!

As we began to plan their session, we had so many amazing ideas…but what I loved about these are that they have meaning behind them. They both were adamant in that they wanted their engagement session to simply emanate the love they share. For a couple with roots in Miami, nothing beats the beautiful Bill Baggs Lighthouse and the day was an absolute dream. Vizcaya was actually Danny’s choice but as we walked through, Krystal reminisced on how her quinceañera pictures were actually taken there years ago. So much history, so many memories made, and so much more to come!

“Danny is not only the love of my life, but my best friend. We want this shoot to embody the joy and love we feel through this fun season of engagement.” -Krystal

“What I love most about Krystal is her caring and giving spirit. She is ALWAYS putting others first and making sure that everyone else’s needs are taken care of before hers. I love that she always take interest in things that I like, even if she has no interest in it. Also I love that she has such a mother-like spirit. She is so nurturing and great with children.” – Danny Elegant Vizcaya Museum Engagement Session – Miami Florida Photoshoot

Our Proposal Story

Danny had been wanting to propose to me since March but he wanted to wait till may so that it would be about a year out from the date that we had discussed. We had been planning to take a helicopter ride for a while but never really got a chance to do so. So Danny decided to set a date and little did I know he would be proposing. Danny decided that he wanted to have the helicopter pass over one of his favorite spots in Miami, South Pointe Park, and in that spot he would have a sign that said “Marry Me”.

Two weeks prior he started making a huge (15ft high and 5ft wide each letter) sign so that we would be able to see if from mid-air. After he spent a lot of time trying to trick me, cause I had an idea or at least thought he would be doing it, and dealing with the crazy weather, we finally took the ride. Once we got over the spot where the sign was, he told me to look out the window and he proposed.

“What I love most about Danny is that he is kind, driven, intelligent and faith filled. Danny’s faith is truly unwaivering and stead fast,he has truly made our faith the foundation of our relationship. Another thing i love about Danny is that he is fierce friend and will give you the shirt off his back if you were to ever need it. If you look up the word gentleman in the dictionary his picture and biography will pop up.” – Krystal  Elegant Vizcaya Museum Engagement Session – Miami Florida Photoshoot


  1. Krystal Diaz (soon to be Fernandez) says:

    Aww I love this so much!!! Thank you for being not only an amazing photographer, but a phenomenal human being! We are so happy that we found our photographer for all of our life’s important moments. Get ready to capture a lot of moments because we have a feeling that God has an epic marriage waiting for us!

    • Erica Melissa says:

      Thank you so much Krystal for the sweet words!!! I adore you guys, loved spending the day with you & cannot wait for your wedding day! Xo

  2. […] got to hang out all day it was exploring some of my favorite places in the city of Miami for their engagement session! You could immediately see that they make each other light up and it’s that warm, fairytale […]

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