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We laughed, we cried and this one one of those sessions that you walk away just feeling so humbled that you get to share life with some pretty amazing humans. Laura & Kent are salt of the earth. The couple that you connect with instantly with a love that seemingly makes time stand still, even if for just a second. Instant connection is also exactly how they described their first date in an outdoor beer garden surrounded by the magic of light and trees as they talked into the night! Laura & Kent met by fate in Philadelphia and brought all their sweetness down to Miami to celebrate their engagement!
Their proposal story (As told by Laura…grab popcorn & tissues now!):

It was Friday, April 28 2018. I had gotten off a call shift in Atlanta and jumped on a plane to Philly to go to my mom’s house. My older sister said that our friends from Puerto Rico were going to be at my mom’s house and that we would have a small party. She said she would bring her camera and I should dress up because we were going to take pictures. Because at this point I had been awake more than 24 hours I thought I would pass on the dress up part. Tito picked me up at the airport in Philly since he was there for the week. He kept asking me if I was going to put in my contacts, brush my hair, or put on make up. It was weird because he NEVER asks me to do any of those things, but in truth I did look really homely.

I finally caved and put in my contacts, brushed my hair back and even but on make up. My outfit was unchanged though. Oversized tshirt, tucked into skinny jeans and booties. We get to my mom’s house and my little sister comes out and gives me a big hug. She then says “I have something to show you.” She takes me to the backyard and there are rose petals on the ground, with Sam Smith’s “lay me down” in the background. There are two tables set up with what looks items that resemble a Beauty and the Beast Theme (my favorite Disney Princess).

On one table there is a cake and champagne in a bottle. On the other there are a lot of pictures, an gold rustic hand mirror, and a glass covering with a rose inside like in Beauty and the Beast. Meanwhile my internal monolog is back at the original comment my sister made…our family friends from Puerto Rico were in town and we were having a party. I thought it was a party for their two year old daughter so I am immediately thinking of plan b because I thought I had just shown up to a 2yr old’s birthday party empty handed. Thats when Tito grabs my hand and picks up a very obvious ring box off of one of the tables and says “I love you very much.” That’s when I realized this was all for me. Tito said more things but I cant remember the rest. He then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes.

Miami Destination Engagement- Beachside Crandon Park Photoshoot

Key Biscayne was perfection. The wind was soft, the light was glowing and basically all of nature celebrated with us. Yes! It was just one of those days that you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. It was such a honor to capture them and I cannot I  wait to celebrate with them on their wedding day!

Are you recently engaged or just want to celebrate your love?! Let’s customize a session for you! Message me today! 🙂

Miami Destination Engagement- Beachside Crandon Park Photoshoot

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