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West Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the Sea Couples Session

Destination Engagement session at Bethesda by The Sea Church in West Palm Beach

There are people we meet in life that you just immediately connect with. The moment Brittany and I had our Zoom chat (because hello 2020 pandemic), it was laughing and tears and all the things!

Brittany and Robbie are both from South Florida and attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and coincidentally both actually went on to Florida State University. However, Robbie is a few years older so their love story doesn’t actually begin here, as they will connect again a few years later!

During that call Brittany shared with me that in her first year of teaching, at 22 years old, she went through one of the most horrific tragedies in her life. That was the year that a 19 year old former student entered his old High School in Parkland, Florida and opened fire at students and teachers who were preparing to go home for the day. My heart broke as she shared her experience that day in her classroom and how she did everything she could to stay safe, support and protect the students in her care.

She shared her brokenness and how instead of allowing it to hold her back through the support of her family, friends and her students she was able to move forward and be a light and mental health advocate for others.  But it was also through this tragedy that Brittany and Robbie’s path once again connected and intertwined.

So as you can image, I was in tears as she shared their story and how she felt that he played one of the biggest roles in helping her heal in that season.

“He was sent into my life at that time to help me put those broken pieces back together…”

”…I think it’s something that you have to do yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. And he was brave enough to come into my life and hold my hand.” -Brittany

When you hear her speak of him and when you see the way he looks at her, as I got to see during their session…you can almost tangibly feel the love they have for each other. Hear more of their story first hand from Brittany here.

So here we are at the beautiful Bethesda By The Sea Church in West Palm Beach, Florida for their engagement session, finally getting the chance to actually meet in real life, air hug in person (cuz again..COVID life) and celebrate not only their love, but her birthday as well! We were joined by Mels Films as well and yes, there was cake + wine so you know know it was all an absolute JOY!

I’m excited to share these highlights, but beyond that I am more grateful to share a piece of their story, as it truly is one of grace, hope and of course love above all.

Destination Engagement Session - West Palm Beach Photographer

West Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the Sea West Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the Sea West Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the Sea West Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the Sea West Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the Sea West Palm Beach Engagement SessionWest Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the SeaWest Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the Sea West Palm Beach Engagement- Bethesda by the Sea


Thank you Brittany and Robbie for trusting me to celebrate this season of life with you guys! I adore you and I’m so grateful for the way we have connected and cannot wait for your wedding day! XoXo




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