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Coral Gables Engagement Photoshoot-Mamey Restaurant engagement ring and drinks

Coral Gables Engagement Photoshoot-Matheson Hammocks

Daniela and Steven are the sweetest! From our first phone call to planning their engagement session, I was so pumped to  finally get to meet them in person! As we planned their session we chatted about their favorite places and what means the most to them- so this is where Mamey came into play!

When we first arrived.. there were a few sprinkles that came our way but they managed to share a few drinks on the patio to celebrate before heading inside for a bit!  I was slightly obsessed with the tropical decor! This Coral Gables restaurant has all the vibes and the best part was that they had the place all to themselves! Drinks were delicious and the food is amazing, so quick sidetone, if you’re looking for a date night, do not miss this spot! Thank you to Mamey for being so insanely gracious and allowing us to use your gorgeous space!  Coral Gables Engagement Photoshoot - beautiful couple taking a stroll in Coral Gables Coral Gables Engagement Photoshoot - beautiful couple taking a stroll in Coral GablesAre they not the cutest?! Steven shared the proposal story from his point of view and I just loved hearing the “behind the scenes” version!

It was originally supposed to happen during our Christmas trip to Atlanta to visit family. She has her sister and brother in law and I have my brother, his wife, and 2 kids who live up there. It was going to be the most picturesque engagement in the history of all engagements. We’re talking about botanical gardens under the Christmas lights. Real Christmas wonderland stuff. But my terrible planning and unexpected shipping delays forced me to go to Plan B real fast.

I had ordered the ring from her favorite online jewelry store and it was delivered while we were Atlanta which only solidifies her as the planner of the two of us. Plan B, admittedly less exciting and less winter wonderlandy, would happen on NYE in the Gables with going to brunch as the excuse to get her out of bed on her day off. However, a couple of things she wasn’t expecting was that I booked a photographer (no offense) to have an impromptu photoshoot and booked the terrace of the site of our first date where her friends and family would surprise us there.

I was nervous beyond belief as I was making last second decisions as to how to hide the ring (which ended up being one of my smoothest moves), what to wear by changing outfits multiple times, and chugging a cup of coffee which only amplified my nerves. We finally made it to the gables and sauntered over to Giralda where the photographer was waiting incognito. I made it to the spot right in front of the Christmas tree, turned towards Daniela and asked her to take her mask off. She did and then I proceeded to get on one knee and asked her to marry me. She’s a smart girl so she obviously knew was going on. I am not that smart since I remembered to ask her to take off her mask and in the death grip of my nervousness didn’t take off my mask.

So that candid, once in a lifetime, eternal moment was captured with her glowing surprised reaction and my half covered, aloof face. I have yet to see a more 2020 engagement photo than ours.

Mask or no mask, it was a memorable one! But thankfully, the nerves were done and I was here to remind him to take off his mask for this session! haha!

The rain had started to come down, but as soon as the cloud passed the trees were going at one of the most magical places for a Miami Engagement Session, the always dreamy, Matheson Hammocks Park. But rain or shine, they were down for it all…so we went for it!  Romantic Couple embrace at Matheson Hammocks Engagement Photoshoot

Running, splashing, romance….they embraced and enjoyed every moment!

Romantic Couple embrace at Matheson Hammocks Engagement Photoshoot Couple with rainbow in the background embracing - Dreamy miami engagement ocean photoshoot Romantic Miami Engagement Photooshot - Couple embracing in the water

Ugh. The romance is real and I’m here for it. So grateful for my sweet couples who celebrate the joy, the emotion, the love, the laughs, and the romance! Loved being a part of and capturing this chapter in their sweet story! If this is any indication…your wedding day will be epic! Xo

If you are recently engaged and looking for a wedding photographer to create and capture your personal story, I am here for you! Contact me here to customize your Miami – Chicago- Destination Engagement Session!

Erica Melissa is a destination wedding photographer based in Chicago & Miami,  photographing Worldwide.

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